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Gajah 22

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #22  9.5 MB  2003

2003 - Gajah 22


Cover and editorial board

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Counting elephants in the wild

Charles Santiapillai & S. Wijeyamohan

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Guest Editorial

Raman Sukumar

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Secondary sexual characteristics in relation to the health status of male Asian elephants in Nagarahole National Park, southern India

Cheryl D. Nath

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The economic value of conserving Asian elephant: Contingent valuation estimation for Sri Lanka

Ranjith Bandara & Clem Tisdell

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Guidelines for the management of captive Asian elephants and the possible role of the IUCN/SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group

Fred Kurt & Khyne U. Mar

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The Asian elephant (Elephas maximus): Its habitat, status and distribution in Arunachal Pradesh, India

Bharath Sundaram, Surendra Varma, Arun Venkataraman & Raman Sukumar

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Man-elephant conflict in Assam, India: Is there any solution?

Bibhab Kumar Talukdar & Rathin Barman

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Are captive elephants important to conservation?

Heidi S. Riddle, Bets Rasmussen & Dennis L. Schmitt

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Biogas from elephant dung: A means of mitigating human-elephant conflict

S. Wijeyamohan

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Lactating elephant feeds a day-old orphaned calf

R. C. Rajapakse & Samanthi Mendis

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An overview of the methods for enumeration of wild elephants in India

S. S. Bist

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Aristotle’s notices on the elephant

Merlin Peris

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Obituary: V. Krishnamurthy (1929-2002)

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Obituary: John F. Eisenberg (1935-2003)

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Raman Sukumar – Winner of the Whitley Gold Award 2003 and the Friends Award (March 14, 2003)

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U.S. – Asian Elephant Conservation Act summary report available

Karl A. K. Stromayer

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IUCN/SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group Membership List (2001-2003)

Joshua David

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