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Gajah 26

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #26  6.5 MB  2007

2007 - Gajah 26


Cover, editorial board, instructions for contributors and contents

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Jayantha Jayewardene

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Tsunami and elephant “sixth sense” in Sri Lanka

Prithiviraj Fernando

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Some practical guidelines for users of the ARGOS satellite-telemetry system

Gareth Goldthorpe & Paul Joseph Heffernan

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Elephant protocol in Kerala tradition

P. M. Narayanan

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Human-elephant conflict (HEC) pilot study in southern Lao PDR

Khamkhoun Kounboline

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Project to microchip and register captive elephants in Assam, India

B. Dutta, B. Chaudhury & A. Talukdar

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Impact of border fence along India-Bangladesh border on elephant movement

Anwaruddin Choudhury

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Current investigations of Asian elephant semen in North America

Wendy K. Kiso, Janine L. Brown, Dennis L. Schmitt, Deborah J. Olson & Budhan S. Pukazhenthi

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Brief introduction to the human-elephant conflicts in Upper Mekong region

Aidong Luo

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Human inflicted injuries in the wild elephants of Assam: Retrospection by an elephant veterinarian

Kushal Konwar Sarma

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Simon Hedges

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Elephant response units (ERU)

Heidi Riddle

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Notes from the co-chairs IUCN/SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group

Simon Hedges & Ajay Desai

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Sumatra mahout workshop leads to new communication forum

Nazaruddin, Khairil & Aswin

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Book Review: A Trunk Full of Tales by D. K. L. Choudhury

Jayantha Jayewardene

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Appreciation: Bets Rasmussen

Heidi Riddle

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Appreciation: Lyn de Alwis

Ravi Corea

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News Briefs

Jayantha Jayewardene

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