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Gajah 27

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #27  9 MB  2007

2007 - Gajah 27


Cover, editorial board, instructions for contributors and contents

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Jayantha Jayewardene

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Notes from the co chairs IUCN/SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group

Simon Hedges & Ajay Desai

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Fred Kurt

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Jean-Christophe Vié

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Implementation of regular veterinary care for captive Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus)

Christopher Stremme, Anhar Lubis & Mohammad Wahyu

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Asian elephants are loosing their seasonal traditional movement tracks: A decade of study in and around the Rajaji National Park, India

Ritesh Joshi & Rambir Singh

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Feeding behaviour of Asian elephants in the Northwestern region of Sri Lanka

K. A. P. Samansiri & Devaka K. Weerakoon

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Current conservation status and research progress on Asian elephants in China

Li Zhang

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Measures adopted to combat migratory elephants in South West Bengal forests

Ajit Kumar Santra, Ashis Kumar Samanta & Subhransu Pan

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A preliminary study of dung decay in the Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

Jennifer Pastorini, H. G. Nishantha & Prithiviraj Fernando

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Asian elephants in the Seima Biodiversity Conservation Area, Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Edward Pollard

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Slippery bed – An effective indigenous method for preventing crop damage by elephants

Kannan Govindaraj

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Gobal elephant management program

Harald M. Schwammer

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Assam Elephant Foundation – Prelude to a solution

Kaushik Barua

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Request for information on elephant behaviour

Jeheskel Shoshani

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Book Review: The Aisan elephant in captivity by Fred Kurt and Marion E. Garaï

Jayantha Jayewardene

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News Briefs

Jayantha Jayewardene

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