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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #39     1.54 MB  2013

2013 - Gajah 39


Cover, editorial board, instructions for contributors and contents

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Arnold Sitompul


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Past, present and future of wild elephants in Maharashtra, India

Prachi Mehta & Jayant Kulkarni

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Human-elephant interaction in villages around Manas National Park, Assam, India

N.K. Nath, S.K. Dutta, J.P. Das & B.P. Lahkar

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Elephant conservation and mitigation of human-elephant conflict in Government of Malaysia-UNDP multiple-use forest landscapes project area in Sabah

Nurzhafarina Othman, Prithiviraj Fernando, K. Yoganand, Marc Ancrenaz, Raymond J. Alfred, Senthilvel Nathan and Benoit Goossens

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Elephantology in Sanskrit

Jacob V. Cheeran

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Land sharing patterns of Asian elephants with humans in the Hadgarh-Kuldiha elephant corridor, Odisha, India

Subrat Debata, Ruchi Badola, Hemanta K. Sahu, Srustidhar Rout & Rabi K. Mishra

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Human-elephant conflict in Sambalpur Elephant Reserve, Odisha, India

Nimain C. Palei, Bhakta P. Rath and C. S. Kar

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Health status of captive Asian Elephants in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Rabindra Kumar Mandal & Kapil Kishor Khadka

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Bacterial infection, antibiogram and wound treatment in domesticated Asian elephants

Nagendra Nath Barman, Anjan Jyoti Nath & Bhupen Sarma

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Sixth Indonesian Mahout Workshop

Nazaruddin, E. Sunardi & M. Wahyu

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Exhibition on "The Elephant"

Nanditha Krishna

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Recent Publications on Asian Elephants


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News Briefs


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