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Gajah 42

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Gajah #42     7.6 MB  2015

2015 - Gajah 42


Cover, editorial board, instructions for contributors and contents

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1-2 Editorial

Jennifer Pastorini

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3-6 Correspondence

Simon Hedges

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Research Articles


Camera traps unveil enigmatic crop raiders in Udawalawe, Sri Lanka

A. D. G. Ranjeewa, Y. J. S. Tharanga, G. H. N. A. Sandanayake, B. V. Perera & P. Fernando

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Human-elephant conflict around Manas National Park: Local people’s attitudes, expectations and perceptions

N. K. Nath, B. P. Lahkar, S. K. Dutta & J. P. Das

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Mitigating human-elephant conflict near Shwe-U-Daung Wildlife Sanctuary, Myanmar

T. Allendorf, K. K. Swe, M. Aung, P. Leimgruber & M. Songer

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Short Communications



Impact of mining on elephants of Chhotanagpur Plateau, Central India

Kisor Chaudhuri

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Human-elephant conflict: Improved co-existence through multiple stakeholder interaction in Kerala, India

C. K. Rohini, T. Aravindan & K. S. Anoop Das

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Training and health of captive elephant keepers in Sri Lanka

Ashoka Dangolla

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41-43 Elephant behaviour in the night according to Sage Palakapya

K. G. Sheshadri

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News and Briefs



Building relationships between Asian mahouts

Nazaruddin, Supartono & H. S. Riddle

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Appreciation: Dr. Fred Kurt (18.2.1939-6.6.2015)

Alex Rübel & René E. Honegger

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Recent Publications on Asian Elephants

Jennifer Pastorini

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News Briefs

Jayantha Jayewardene

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