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Gajah 6

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Newsletter #6   3.5 MB  1991

1991 - Number 6

Asian Elephants Specialist Group Newsletter


Cover and membership list

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Editorial - A plea to help save the Asian elephant
Lyn de Alwis

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Singapore's brush with wild elephants
Lyn de Alwis

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A preliminary report on the workshop on censusing elephants in forests
Charles Santiapillai

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Birth of an elephant
Pushp K. Jain

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Elephant management in captivity. Birth of a male elephant in captivity in Sri Lanka
Wawita Siripala

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Sri Lanka - Elephants slaughtered in civil war
Mallika Wanigasundara

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India - Saving elephants for posterity
D. K. Lahiri-Choudhury

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India - India plans rescue of elephants
Christopher Thomas

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Indonesia - Counterfeit ivory being sold as real thing in Lampung province

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Burma/Myanmar - Illegal trade threat to timber-camp elephants
Peter Beaumont

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China - Resolving elephant-human conflicts in Xishuangbanna Nature Reserve
Charles Santiapillai

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Sri Lanka - Enhancing the survival of elephants
Sarath Kotagama

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Book Reviews
Charles Santiapillai

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