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Asian Elephant Specialist Group Newsletter #8  8 MB  1992

1992 - Number 8

Asian Elephants Specialist Group Newsletter


Cover and contents

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Lyn de Alwis & Charles Santiapillai

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Population structure, activity and density of elephants in the Ruhuna National Park, Sri Lanka
Sarath Dissanayake, A. H. Sumanasena, Upali Padmasiri, H. P. Jayamane, Chandra Bandranayake, Padma Kumari de Silva & Charles Santiapillai

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Managing elephant depredation in plantations in Sabah
Mahedi Andau & Junaidi Payne

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Conservation of elephants in Laos
Bouaphanh Phanthavong & Charles Santiapillai

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Capture, immobilization and transloaction of an elephant from Pulau Ubin, Singapore to Endau-Rompin State Park, Johore, Malaysia
Mohd. Tajuddin, Abdullah. Mohd. Shariff Daim & Zainal Zahari Zainuddin

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Elephant catching in Assam
A. J. W. Milroy
(from the archives, originally published in 1927)

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Asian elephant threatened
Shanthini Dawson & Tim M. Blackburn

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The dilemma of subspecies
H. Crusz

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Abstracts on Asian elephant biology and ecology

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Letters to the editor

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Asian Elephant Specialist Group membership list

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