Habitat Loss: Perhaps the greatest threat to Asian elephants

AsESG: Task Forces and Working Groups

Task Forces and
Working Groups

Habitat Loss: Sumatra


Wild Elephant and Elephant Habitat Management
IUCN AsESG report on invasive plant species in ele habitats_LE.pdf

Human–elephant Conflict (HEC)
Illegal Killing and Trade

Captive Elephant Management
Draft Position Statement on Captive Asian Elephants Full PDF

  Position Statement on Captive Asian Elephant
      1. Registration
      2. Long term management of captive Asian elephant populations
           2a. Management strategie
           2b. Use of captive Asian elephants
      3. Guidelines for captive Asian elephant management
      Annex I
          AsESG guidelines for registration of captive Asian elephants
      Annex II
          AsESG guidelines for captive Asian elephant management
            Proper Elephant Housing and Husbandry:

            Elephant Management Protocol:
            Responsibility of Elephant Care Staff:
            Responsibility of Elephant Facility Administrators:
            Considerations for Public Education:
            Elephant Studies and Conservation Goals:

Veterinary Task Force
Elephant Pre-shipment Guidelines for Range Countries
     Healthcare Fact Sheets for Elephants
     Houston Zoo Asian Elephant EEHV Protocol

     Elephant TB References by Date 6 Nov 2011
Database Working Group

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